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KBShimmer - Candy Cane Crush

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This top coat is loaded with red and white  hex glitters in many different sizes.  Layer over  pink for a romantic Valentine's Day polish, or over blue for a rocking mani for  the 4th. This polish is scented with peppermint, for a classic sweet mint scent. Softly scented, this polish will not  replace your perfume, but even when dry will leave a subtle scent.

Type: Jelly
Base: 5-Free
Glitter Load: Heavy
Glitter Size: Small to Large
Recommended Coats: 1 over color
Notes: Please note, the vanilla scent adds slight tan tint to the base that may be noticeable when swatched over white, I  have not found issue with other colors. The tint does lighten as it dries.  This polish does look best in one layer, and due to the  heavy glitter load, might appear thick.

Size: 15ml /.5oz

Please note, while we do our best to ensure colors match on several devices on our end, the device you view this listing on may not accurately reflect the color of the polish.  Photos are provided to us for use by the respective bloggers, and colors may show differently depending on lighting, skin tones, and camera equipment used.