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ILNP - Venom (Magnetic)

Venom is a deep moss green magnetic nail polish.

Once applied, Venom radiates an enticing shimmer-filled green hue. However, as a magnet is introduced, an incredible multi-dimensional effect erupts as Venom’s true depth is revealed.  Oozing a malevolent green flash once magnetized, a jet-black base is uncovered alongside a glowing green sparkle peeking out from within the darkness.

Venom is part of the Trapped Collection, a carefully created set of 6 supernatural-inspired shades sure to captivate. Curated around an alluring dark forest filled with temptation and risk, each iridescent, magnetic, and shimmer formula showcases an irresistible glow. Each shade intertwining both beauty and danger, Trapped will leave you entranced by the compelling radiance of shimmer and sparkle.

Venom is a magnetic effect nail polish, a standout formula with metal shavings that shimmer on their own but require a magnet to attract the metallic particles into their signature effect!

We recommend 2 magnetized coats for the ideal finish

Size: 12 ml

7 free, vegan, cruelty free.