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ILNP - Velveteen (Magnetic)

Velveteen is a brown enriched with silver magnetic sparkles, silver flakes and a sprinkling of holographic flakes.

Velveteen's brown hue evokes the comfort of a plush fabric, warm and inviting, offering a touch of understated elegance. When a magnet is introduced, a magical display of silver sparkles awakens, leaping to the forefront of the earthy hue.

Velveteen is part of the Velvet Collection, an assembly of 6 magnetic nail polishes, each elegantly laced with holographic flakes and silver magnetic sparkle that mirrors the lavish and comforting textures of fine velvet. Designed to evoke the sensory pleasures of plush, velvety fabrics and the gentle allure of Spring's subtleties, Velvet immerses you in a delicate dance of shimmering light and calming hues.

Velveteen is a magnetic effect nail polish, a standout formula with metal shavings that shimmer on their own but require a magnet to attract the metallic particles into their signature effect!

We recommend 2-3 coats for the ideal finish

Size: 12 ml

7 free, vegan, cruelty free.