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ILNP - Sea Glass

Plunge into the depths of mesmerizing beauty with this captivating cobalt blue shimmer!

Sea Glass’ saturated cobalt base is delicately splashed with iridescent flakes that transition from shades of blue to purple, effortlessly mimicking the shifting hues of the sea. Further enhanced with a touch of glistening green shimmer, watch closely as your nails undergo a magical transformation into a captivating work of art!

Sea Glass is part of the Under The Sea Collection, a medley of sea-inspired shades thoughtfully formulated to bring the colors and magic of the ocean to your fingertips. From the ethereal glimmers of shimmers, holographics, and magnetics to the captivating allure of vibrant color, Under The Sea invites you to dive into a world of wonder.

We recommend 2-3 coats for the ideal finish

Size: 12 ml

7 free, vegan, cruelty free.