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ILNP - Hidden Treasure

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Uncover the mesmerizing allure of Hidden Treasure, an awe-inspiring purple nail polish that will leave you breathless.

Showcasing an abundance of reflective gold sparkle and shimmer alongside vivid holographic flakes, every glance at Hidden Treasure reveals a new facet of beauty. Prepare to be captivated as light dances across your nails, effortlessly igniting an alluring glow reminiscent of a treasure chest overflowing with precious gems. Like a treasure trove waiting to be discovered, Hidden Treasure unveils its secret riches with every stroke.

Hidden Treasure is part of the Under The Sea Collection, a medley of sea-inspired shades thoughtfully formulated to bring the colors and magic of the ocean to your fingertips. From the ethereal glimmers of shimmers, holographics, and magnetics to the captivating allure of vibrant color, Under The Sea invites you to dive into a world of wonder.

We recommend 2 coats for the ideal finish

Size: 12 ml

7 free, vegan, cruelty free.