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ILNP - Cupid

Fall in love with Cupid, a creamy brink pink Studio Color nail polish that captures the very essence of romance.

More than just a color but a love affair for your nails, Cupid's charming shade is a tribute to love's playful and spirited nature, embodying the blush of a first love or the deep warmth of a lasting bond. Each stroke of the brush is like an arrow from Cupid himself, striking your heart with its captivating hue.

Cupid is part of the Lovestruck Collection, a 3-piece pairing of creamy Studio Color shades that takes you on a journey through the stages and expressions of love. Whether you're feeling playful, passionate, or poised, there's a love-filled shade to match. More than just nail polish; Lovestruck is an amorous journey, a celebration of love in its most delicate and graceful form.

Cupid is part of ILNP’s Studio Color class of solid color-exclusive nail polishes meticulously designed for all nail enthusiasts, from beginners to experts. Each shade balances its own perfect harmony of pigmentation, buttery smooth application, and shine, enabling nail polish lovers of all skill levels to achieve salon-quality results.

We recommend 2 coats for the ideal finish

Size: 12 ml

7 free, vegan, cruelty free.