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Cuticula Nail Lacquer - Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat

Keeps your manis protected, long lasting, and super shiny with Limitless Top Coat.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Keep products out of direct sunlight.
  • As with all top coats, please float the top coat over all nail art. Touching the brush to your nails will result in smudged nail art.
  • Smell the scent after your top coat has completely dried.
  • Dries to a rock hard finish. * can crack on very flexible/long nails. 

You may notice a very slight change of tint in certain scents. This is due to the color in the fragrance oil and will not affect your polish in any way.

Note: Please keep all scented base and top coats out of sun and direct heat. The sun/heat will discolor your product. Please also note that the discoloring of the product will not affect the polish or the color of polish whatsoever. 

Size: 15ml, 5-free