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ILNP - Petals

Petals is a vivid magenta nail polish that blooms with the dynamic beauty of wildflowers in late Spring.

Embodying the spirit of nature's most vibrant season, Petals captivates with a vivid magenta hue, alive with the radiant dance of wildflowers blooming in late Spring. Shimmering at every angle, Petal’s shimmer showcases a seamless shift in shimmer from romantic pink to warm, sun-kissed orange. Each layer invites the brilliance of a fully awakened flowerbed to your fingertips, transforming your manicure into a floral spectacle of joy.

Petals is part of the Wildflowers Collection, a 6 captivating shades, each blossoming with the untamed radiance of a sun-drenched meadow. From nature's own palette, each polish mirrors the vibrant life, serene hues, and dynamic energy of a wildflower field in full bloom. Let the intricate play of color-shifting shimmers and luminous hues take you on a journey through the heart of the meadow, where every shade brings the serene and lively spirit of wildflowers to your fingertips.

We recommend 2 coats for the ideal finish


Size: 12 ml

7 free, vegan, cruelty free.