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ILNP - Roulette (Magnetic)

Roulette is a black-based red magnetic holographic that shifts with every turn of your fingertips.

Spin the wheel and put your money on Roulette – you can’t lose with this black-based red magnetic! Watch in anticipation as you introduce a magnet and a fiery red magnetic pigment shifts into daring orange and tempting yellow hues. A touch of holographic pigment is the perfect addition to make this polish sparkle and shine under the casino lights.

Roulette is part of the Nightlife Collection, a 6-piece collection where color comes to life at night under the glowing neon lights and the sparkling cityscape. Embrace the exhilarating spirit of Nightlife where bold, bright, and colorful magnetic hues light up against a blackened base for an effect that is nothing short of electrifying!

We recommend 2-3 coats for the ideal finish

Size: 12 ml

7 free, vegan, cruelty free.