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KBShimmer - Magnet Stand + Magnet

Magnetic polishes are an out-of-this-world invention! With the power of a magnet, color is shifted and relocated on the nail for a futuristic 3D effect. For best results, you need a strong magnet with the right magnetic pattern – and not all magnets will work. 

This Magnet Stand is perfect for easily creating your magnetic manicure.  Simply apply polish and place you finger under the stand while the polish is drying.  Placing your finger on a flat surface and having the magnet in a stable location will help for a more defined line.  The longer your finger is under the magnet, the more defined the line.

The KBShimmer Magnet Stand + Magnet can be used with all magnetic polishes (including gel varieties).

Upon arrival, the magnet and stand may be in two parts.  Before use, place the the long, thin side of the magent on the flat part of the holder.

Please note, this item cannot be sent via small padded envelope shipping option. If you intend to purchase the magnet only, please select shipping option with tracking, otherwise your order will be cancelled.