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KBShimmer - Frequent Flyer

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Moving through the forest, a soft flutter grabs your attention. Glancing around, you see an iridescent glimmer in the broken beams of sunlight. Moving closer, you catch sight of a dragonfly, its shimmering wings moving, zipping through the air in an almost magical way. It would be easy to imagine those delicate, glimmering wings not belonging to dragonflies at all, but to petite sprites dancing among the ferns, making their homes among the moss-covered trees.

"Frequent Flyer" nail polish is a nod to those iridescent wings. Shimmering shades of golden champagne quickly morph into hues of spring green. Soft Aqua and blue tones come alive at different angles, while different lighting brings out hues of soft peach, rose, and violet. This polish can be worn on its own but layering it over a white or neutral base like The Snuggle Is Real will bring out the complete pastel rainbow Frequent Flyer offers. Looking for a bolder color? A black base will show off jewel tones of gold, green and aqua. Best in 1-2 coats over a neutral base or 3 coats alone.

Type: Multichrome Shimmer - Iridescent Topper
Base: 5-Free
Glitter Load: N/A
Glitter Size: N/A
Recommended Coats: 1-2 Coats
Notes: This is not a quick-dry polish, we recommend following up with a coat of quick-dry top coat

Size: 15ml /.5oz

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