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Glisten & Glow - Ctrl-Alt-Del (liquid latex Unscented)

CTRL-ALT-DEL latex barrier for your cuticles and skin. Provides skin and cuticle protection from polish and paint during stamping, gradients and water marbling nail design.

Now available in an Unscented no fragrance added formula and features a bold baby blue color.

Size: 15 ml

To use: apply around the nail and cuticle, let dry for 30-60 seconds before proceeding with nail art. Once finished, peel off like a film.

*This product can dry out if it is opened many times, and not shut quickly, try to add a bit of water and shake well, but latex does dry with in seconds in many cases. Shelf life is 3 months*

Contains latex, please do not use if you have any latex or rubber allergies

*It is recommended to do a patch test before use to determine whether you may be allergic to any components.