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Launch and restock news - 15 December 2015

December 14, 2015 1 min read

New in store on Tuesday 15 December at 8 pm (20:00) CET:

Glam Polish Anniversary Ultra Holo collection and Anniversary Glitter Trio

Anniversary Ultra Holo collection, swatches by IG @jessface90x

Anniversary Ultra Holo collection, swatches by http://nailedthepolish.com

Anniversary Glitter Trio, swatches by IG @ErmahgerdPerlish

Anniversary Glitter Trio, swatches by lakkomlakkom.hu


Il Etait Un Vernis #HASHTAG Collection + restock


Creative Shop Space Collection stampers are now available >HERE< for pre-order with a discount!

New generation of Creative Shop stampers, featuring sparkling black or white head and a more ergonomic stamper holder. Space Collection stampers are larger, with a diameter of 42mm - perfect for picking up bigger images and making stamping decals.

New stamper heads are softer and are shaped differently for better image pick-up.

These pre-orders will ship 14-15 January (can be combined with other orders if you are happy to wait).


New product now available >HERE<: Silicone Stamping Mat, a great value for money alternative to more expensive stamping mats available on the market.

Made of high quality food-grade silicone, this mat will help to protect your workspace from spills and stains, as well as being great for making stamping decals, trying designs and nail polish colours.

The size of the mat is 40 x 29 cm, and it is slightly thicker than most stamping mats available, making it more durable.