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Launch and Restock news - 5 August 2015

August 04, 2015 1 min read

Launch and restock on Wednesday 5 August at 8 pm CET


NEW BRAND: Bow Polish (by Dance Legend)

 Big 5 free formula

Launching with 3 collections + Basic Line (nail care)

Dance Legend

New: Anna Gorelova Summer Collection, Eden Collection, Glitter Base coloured peel-off base coats

Restock: Mortal Kombat, Thermo, Velvet, Comme Il Faut, New Prism, Wow Prism, Top Aquarelle, Chameleon, Galaxy, Holodays, Top Prismatic, Anna Gorelova 13 (Snow-Maiden), AquaGenetic top coat, plus various products from other collections.

Glam Polish

New: The Gleek collection, Think Pink Trio (LE)

Restock: Knockout 1 and 2, Cast a Spell part III

El Corazon

New: Stamping polish St-06 (Mint), Stm-31 to Stm-34, "I Am Bright" collection by Kaleidoscope

Restock: Stamping polish St-01 Black and St-02 White, Aquarelle Tints at-10.

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