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UberChic UberSwatcher - 25 pack

Introducing: The UberSwatcher™! Not only is it fun to say - it’s the best and classiest swatcher method yet and we’d like to walk you through how it fixes all your swatching issues and more!

This revolutionary polish swatcher topper - we call the UberSwatcher™ - comes in two parts: a hard white top and a flexible outer wrapper.

Simply apply polish to the hard white top, wait for it to fully dry between coats if you are using regular polish - or cure between coats if you are using gel polish. Then insert it into the wrapper and add it to the polish’s cap. We recommend two coats of color followed by a top coat.

This revolutionary nail polish swatching system will not only organize your entire collection - it makes it look absolutely magical when you open up your drawers because instead of seeing drab cap colors - you see full, true color swatches in all their colorful glory.

The outer wrapper adjusts to virtually every polish cap size and shape all while keeping it’s polish swatch on top firmly in place.

If you do use a wall system or have your polishes out eye-level – no problem! We’ve designed the swatched piece to be rounded so it's easily view-able from the side too.

Plus - it adds additional grip for opening up those hard-to-open caps and stays firmly in place use after use!

Pack includes: 25 white tops and 25 outer wrappers