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UberChic Stamping Plate Storage Folder - Holographic

The ultimate in Nail Plate Storage Luxury! Check out our holographic nail art plate storage folder - but fair warning: it may be blindingly beautiful. The luxe faux leather holographic folder stores your plates and makes it extremely easy to view your plates with our clear-view technology sleeves! Protecting your plates from scratches and bending - this folder not only features the clearest sleeves on the market - but it is also lined around the edges in holo material for the ultimate in stamp plate storage luxury.

Our nail plate folders allow you to easily browse through your plates while keeping them from scratching against one another increasing the longevity of your nail art plates! They have a rich leather-like look with blinding holographic beauty and can easily be stored horizontally or vertically like a book!  These are the perfect accessory to any stamp-a-holics plate collection. As an added bonus the plate folder is solid enough it can be stored vertically or horizontally!

Our holo nail art folders are the perfect way to protect your stamping plates and make them easy to browse through without the mess. Our nail stamp plate holders have eight sturdy pockets that allow them to hold up to 14 nail plates back to back.

Tech specs: These folders are designed to perfectly fit our plate size which is 9.5cm x 14cm plates. Holds 14 plates total - 12 back to back with 1 in each cover.

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