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UberChic Dual-Ended Puff & Stamper

The ultimate nail art dual tool! Get that gradient you've been longing for with our reusable Puff and Stamper tool! The puff head can be used with acrylic paint, regular nail polish and even gel polish! It's ridiculously easy to clean too! Just use water, nail polish remover or gentle Acetone to clean away paint by soaking it in the cleaner you choose and then wiping it off.

The mini stamper head it perfect for those little designs that are crowded on a nail stamp plate - it picks it up and places them with precision! Clean the head using the regular methods for our stamping heads including: tape, lint roller, etc. Your stamper should work the moment you get it but in the event that it has trouble picking up a design – try washing it in warm soapy water and let it air dry or use a couple swipes from a cotton pad soaked in 100% acetone to prime it.

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