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SuperChic Lacquer - Go Bananas Quick Dry Peel Off Base Coat

Now you can completely Go-Bananas with this high performance, quick dry peel off base coat that saves you time and hassle for fast removal of those aggressively adhering glitter polishes.  Dries in just 60 seconds! (at room temperature)

This incredible innovative, specially formulated quick dry peel off base coat will amaze as you witness it's high performance dry time in literally seconds right before your eyes!  There's no other peelable base coat like it!

For Best Results:  Apply 2 thin coats directly to clean, dry nail beds and allow to dry between coats. Apply 2 coats of glitter polish and top with 1-2 coats of high quality super glossy top coat. Peel removal works best when lacquer has fully cured in approximately 4-8 hours. Morning removal works great, allowing hours for lacquer dry time. Wear time will vary with each user and user activity estimated at 3-4 days. Water exposure will reduce wear time significantly as product is water soluble. For prolonged wear time, use of gloves to reduce exposure to water is recommended.

WARNING: This product is not water based and is highly flammable. DO NOT APPLY HEAT SUCH AS A BLOWDRYER TO DRY.  Store away from heat or flame.  Keep out of reach of children.

Vegan & cruelty Free 

Size: 15ml