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ILNP - Skate Date

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Skate Date is a gorgeous teal jelly that will surprise you at every angle!

Lively in color, the intense orange-to-green color shifting flakes add a beaming complementary contrast to this timeless teal! With just a few coats, Skate Date becomes effortlessly prismatic, captivating and full of depth!

Skate Date is part of the Summer Nights Collection, bringing together the beautiful, whimsical, energetic colors of Summer: from iridescent pinks to prismatic purples, you have all of the fun and lighthearted vibes of Summer!

Max Coverage in 2-3 Coats

Size: 12 ml

Big 3 Free

Swatch courtesy of @glitterfingersss, @laublm, @ilaeti, @nailartsakura