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Painted Polish - Aurora (Glow-in-the-Dark! - green glow)

Aurora is a textured mix of pink, yellow, and blue neon matte glitter now with added Drunk on Holo glitter to add some sparkly goodness. A top coat can be worn over for a smooth finish.

It also Glows-in-the-Dark!! Simply "charge" the polish for a few minutes and it will glow for hours!

Each bottle contains 2 large steel balls for mixing.

The new bottles are 13.2ml. All polishes are 5-Free and as always, cruelty-free.

Each polish contains stainless steel balls for mixing.

Swatches by @shannasnailadventures @whimsicalicious (IG)
Photos show the polish in normal lighting, glow-in-the-dark, and under a black light.

Note: Possible variations in polish color between swatches is due to outdoor (sunlight) vs. indoor lighting.

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