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Nail Vinyls - Damask

1 sheet of Damask NailVinyls™. Each sheet includes 28 stencils and 28 decals. The outer stencil portion can be placed on a completely dry nail and polished over with any nail polish and removed. The inner decal can be placed directly on the nail and sealed in with a coat of top coat.

Decal/stencil is 1.0 cm wide by 0.93 cm tall

How do I use Nail Vinyls?
Nail vinyls are meant to be used as a guide, or stencil, and not as a "permanent" part of your nail art.
Begin with a good base coat and then paint your nails with 1 or 2 coats of your base color. Allow this color to dry. This step is very important. Use a good fast drying top coat such as HK Girl, Seche Vite or Sally Hansen Inst-Dry. But any fast drying top coat will do. Most of these will dry the nail and prepare it for the next step in about 10 minutes. (Without a true quick dry top coat, you may have lifting of the base color even if it's allowed to dry for hours. This is due to the ingredients in some nail polish that prevents it from completely drying).
Using tweezers, lift the nail vinyl from the sheet and place on your nail however you wish. Before you press the edges onto your skin, use the back of your tweezers to press the vinyl to the edges of your nail around your cuticle. This step prevents color bleeding under your vinyl.
Paint your nail, directly over the vinyls, with your second color. Do not apply this too thick or it could potentially run once the vinyls are removed.
While this second color is still wet, use tweezers to gently lift the vinyl from your nail. Do this carefully and slowly as to not disturb the design.
Apply top coat and Voila! Easiest nail art ever! (Remember to use a top coat that will not smear your nail art!)

Are Nail Vinyls reusable?
No. Once they have been used they will not be able to be reused. Polish is a solvent and it will change the shape and form of the vinyl.