KBShimmer - Shipwreck (LE)

Ships lost at sea, churning waters, mythical creatures and lost treasures inspired this polish. I started with a base of a deep blue green color. Then, added several sized of hex glitters in teals, blues, greens, and purple. I can almost see these colors being on a beautiful mermaid. A hint of gold, and a pop of copper sparkle like hidden treasure add depth to this 2012 polish.   

Re-release of 2012 polish

Type: Jelly
Base: 5-Free
Glitter Load: Heavy
Glitter Size: Small to Large
Recommended Coats: 2-3 Coats or 1 Over Solid Color
Notes: This polish is packed with glitter so may appear a bit thick and is best with a coat of quick dry top coat for a smooth finish.

This polish is part of the Limited Edition Comeback Collection, 2018 remakes of past fan favorites in our new packaging!  We have updated the recipes on these classics, so they will be very close to the originals and in my option better than ever!

Size: 15ml /.5oz

Please note, while we do our best to ensure colors match on several devices on our end, the device you view this listing on may not accurately reflect the color of the polish.  Photos are provided to us for use by the respective bloggers, and colors may show differently depending on lighting, skin tones, and camera equipment used.

Category: all, Blue, | Glitter

Type: Nail Polish

Brand: KBShimmer

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