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ILNP - Metropolis (H)

Metropolis (H) is a holographic version of the original Metropolis Ultra Chrome Flakie nail polish!

The new Metropolis (H) contains just the right amount of holographic splendor to add a beautiful rainbow sparkle to the polish. All without ruining the intense color shift effect of the flakies!

Metropolis (H) is delicious! This beautiful Holographic Ultra Chrome Flakie shifts through super vivid shades of pink, fuchsia, purple, green, and even blue. The vibrant color shift in this nail polish is something you have to see to believe! On top of that, the new holographic touch makes it even MORE mind-blowingly tasty!

ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies are fully opaque and can be worn alone or over any color without affecting the intense color shifting properties.

Full coverage in 3 - 4 coats.

Size: 12 ml

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