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ILNP - Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a vibrant gold with a beaming Ultra Metallic finish.

A statement piece to your elegant ensemble, Happy Hour beams a stunning gold hue inundated with sparkling metallic pigment. The party continues as holographic micro-flakes twinkle within the gilded base for a finish that glistens at every angle. Celebrate the New Year with this lavish gold metallic and enjoy as Happy Hour gives you the “glass half full” confidence going into the new year!

Happy Hour is part of the At Midnight Collection, a set of 6 assorted formulas curated with grand, dazzling and dimensional shades. Taking inspiration from a lavish and festive New Year’s Celebration, make every manicure one to remember with the At Midnight Collection!

Happy Hour is part of ILNP’s Ultra Metallics™ class of incredibly vivid metallic finish nail polishes; specifically formulated with various ultra-thin metallic flakes for a blinding sparkle with an undeniably rich finish and super-easy removal!

Size: 12 ml

7-Free, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty free.