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ILNP - Good Mornings

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Good Mornings is a radiant teal holographic jelly nail polish.A lively teal jelly base,

Good Mornings is loaded with an assortment of vivid blue metallic flakes. Look closely and you’ll catch a glimpse of vibrant green sparkle alongside a touch of gleaming holographic micro-flakes! Inspired by the glimmering water flowing through a garden fountain, Good Mornings showcases an incredible finish full of radiance and depth!

Good Mornings is part of the Courtyard Collection, a set of 6 beautifully refined shades with formulas ranging from holographic to metallic to speckled. Reminiscent of a serene garden comprised of fragrant florals, cobblestone paths, and a flowing fountain, the Courtyard Collection paints a scene of a serene stroll through a lively courtyard.

Size: 12 ml

7-Free, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty free.