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Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Death Spell (June 2018 Oops - LE)

A medium velvet purple with slightly lighter purple overlay which leans a little golden at angle to the light. Within are scattered silver holographic glitters in various sizes, as well as a handful of red and blue iridescent glitters. Opaque in 3 coats. Finish with a thick, glossy top coat.

Size: 9 ml

Big 5 Free, vegan

Disclaimer: Please note all Oops colours are final sale items. Although Oops colours are born from batches that were made in error (usually due to our glitter wizards putting in a wrong glitter or measurement) they are perfectly usable, unique colours. However, we do not guarantee that any thermal Oops will maintain it’s thermochromatic properties; nor that any neon Oops will maintain colour stability.  If you are concerned about this, please avoid purchasing thermal or neon Oops shades

Please note colours may vary slightly due to monitor settings.

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