El Corazon - Active Bio-gel nail polish - Thermo - 423/815

Finish: thermal

Cold state: deep emerald green

Warm state: emerald green

Please note, colour change of this shade is subtle.

Coats suggested: 2
Size: 16 ml

Please note, due to the nature of thermal pigments used some colours from this collection may dry to a vinyl or slightly textured finish. Please use top coat for glossy finish.

El Corazon's bestselling product, Active Bio-gel is a nail treatment that looks, applies and removes like a regular nail polish, but at the same time helps to strengthen your nails and gradually improve their condition. It is easy to apply, dries very quickly and lasts on your nails much longer than regular polishes.

Please note colours may vary slightly due to monitor settings. Swatches courtesy of http://nails-i.blogspot.com/2016/05/el-corazon-active-bio-gel-color-gel.html

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