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Dance Legend - Aquarelle Drops - 06 Violet

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These liquid paints create unique semitransparent watercolour float effect when applied over matte gel polish.

For the swatches, all paints were applied over white gel polish, topped with Gel Matte Top Coat. Before using the paints, wipe the tacky layer off the matte top coat.

The drops also work with peel-off glitter base coats. They spread in a different way than with gel polishes, forming unique and beautiful colour patterns.

The paints can produce a new effect each time depending on how you use the brush and how much you load on it. The results resemble watercolour paintings or batik fabric.

You can change the saturation of the shades on the nails by adding alcohol-based liquids or simply spreading a drop with a brush. You can easily make the shades brighter by adding another layer.

When drops of different colours touch on the nail, they start to blend and form new shades and shapes. One can say this material provides infinite possibility for creating abstract nail art or various backgrounds for any kind of nail art.

Colour: violet

Size: 15ml

Please note colours may vary slightly due to monitor settings. Swatches courtesy of Anna Gorelova at nails.annagorelova.com