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Colors by Llarowe - Fast Eddie (LE charity polish)

Blue to green shifting scattered holo with blue shimmer and a purple shift

Size: 12 ml

5 free and cruelty free

Swatches by delishiousnails  , jennpaddict1 , bruisedupdollie 

From Leah Ann:

"How this all came about was one of the daughters sent an email thru the Help Desk with a flyer explaining their situation. My dad passed away from prostate cancer that spread to his bones and liver and it just touched my heart so much that his daughters were doing this to save their parent's home. I called her to see what she was requesting and it was a few polishes for their silent auction for this fundraiser. Well, go big or go home, and I suggested we do a polish for her dad so we could raise money from worldwide sales. I sent over 5 prototypes and they let their dad pick his favorite saying "well, I don't know much about nail polish but this one is awful pretty" and "Fast Eddie " was born. All proceeds from the sale of this polish will go to the family to help pay off the family home."

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