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Blush Lacquers - Professional Blogger Extraordinaire (MM FB Custom)

A shifting multichrome base of silver-green with hints of blue and purple at the very far edges or very extreme angles and shifting multichrome flakes of red-orange-gold.

Part of Multichrome Madness Customs

How to Purchase:
You MUST be a member of the Multichrome Madness Facebook Group in order to purchase. These polishes were created specifcially for them! If you are not a member, please request to join here:

Multichrome Madness Facebook Group

All orders are cross-referenced with the Multichrome Madness member list.

Coats suggested : 2-3

Size: 11ml

The polish were created in honor of the Multichrome Madness official blogger, Dianna (@dsetterfield74/Snacks on Rotation)

Swatches courtesy of @dsetterfield74, @pamperedpolishes

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