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A-England - Moments With Virginia - Shakespeare's Sister

Delicate cameo pink saturated with a blazing holo as a promise of hidden depth.

Virginia Woolf’s witty essay, A Room of One's Own, imagines Shakespeare with an equally-talented sister denied the opportunity to develop her gift on account of her gender. Despite her talent equaling that of her famous brother, being a woman led her to a very different, and tragic, end.

“It was the time between the lights when colours undergo their intensification and purples and golds burn in window- panes like the beat of an excitable heart”

Size: 11 ml

9 free, vegan, cruelty free.

100 percent free from animal-derived ingredients, these 9 highly-pigmented, glossy shades are also free from: Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, Epoxy, Camphor, Dbp, Ethyl tosylamide, Xylene

Please note colours may vary slightly due to monitor settings.

Swatches by @sofitheone