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Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Goddess Trio (Valentine's 2018 - LE)

Goddess Trio is named after three Greek Goddess/Muses, each with different virtues around love and romance. The trio itself comprises of three complementary colours, each with a different finish in the pink/purple palette, which we felt translated the delicacy and etherealness well for this theme.

Aphrodite: The Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. Our color is a stunning bright pink (cold) to clear/light pink (warm) thermal. Within is a lumincesent blue glow, which can lean the colours to a more pearlescent finish when warm. Packed within are stunning iridescent green to blue shifting flakes. Please note that our thermals have an active transition life of 6-12 months , depending on how you store your bottle. We recommend a cool, dark location away from any sources of heat or light.
Erato: A Greek muse of lyric poetry. Our colour is a soft mid-tone purple, sheer at first but can be layered up nicely with patience. Packed within is a slight pinkish glow, holographic accents and a ton of delicate red iridescent flakes.
Peitho: A Greek goddess who personifies persuasion and seduction. Our colour is a velvety warm, dark purple with a stunning reddish hue. Filled with red iridescent glitters and superfine holographic flakes.

Size: 3 x 9 ml

Big 5 Free, vegan

Please note colours may vary slightly due to monitor settings. Swatches courtesy of IG @de.lish.ious.nails, @glitterfingersss, @de_briz, @nailartsakura, @tanya_wish

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