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UberChic Clear Tall Rectangular Stamper

For those that have been looking something a little bit more "ergonomic" and who also like to use a slight rocking motion when they pick up: this is for you! This super comfy Nail Stamper fits easily in your hands and allows you to pick up your stamp in comfort - PLUS: it's clear so you can easily see where your putting that perfectly picked up design.

This set features:

  • Head is 26mm x 22mm
  • Best for those that like to Rock
  • Almost reminds us of a half eaten ice cream cone
  • Comes with a Scraper Card
Your stamper should be ready to go right when you get it - however, if it's not working for you right out of the box - it is possible to use the following techiques to get it to work properly:
– Try washing the heads in warm soapy water (dish soap works best) and let dry completely
– Be gentle when applying pressure as too much may cause it to break down over time - instead we recommend a straight down then gentle roll to apply designs to your nails
– If none of that works - take a cotton ball and add a little bit of acetone to it - gently and quickly swipe it across it's surface (don't let it linger or it could cloud it) - that should remove any excess oils it may have picked up from handling it.


We do NOT recommend using acetone/nail polish remover to clean the surface of this stamper between each use.  Instead use tape or a lint roller to clean and preserve the head. Acetone may cause the surface to cloud over time and require you to replace it more quickly.