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ILNP - My Little Glacier (H)

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My Little Glacier (H) is a holographic version of the original My Little Glacier Ultra Chrome polish! The new My Little Glacier (H) contains just the right amount of holographic splendor to add a beautiful rainbow sparkle to the polish. All without ruining the intense color shift effect!

Just like the original, My Little Glacier (H) is an incredibly sexy titanium blue polish that appears silver one moment, and blue the next! The new holographic twist gives this polish a beautiful ice cold rainbow sparkle - a perfect compliment!

Don't be surprised if you catch subtle hints of purple, red, and even yellow from time to time.

My Little Glacier (H) is part of ILNP’s “Ultra Chrome” class of chromatic nail polishes; formulated to apply directly to the nail without the need for a base color.

Fully opaque after 2 coats!

Size: 12 ml

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