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Masura - Precious Stones - 904-282 Blooming Rose

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Multichrome magnetic nail polish. The bright pink shimmer shifts to orange and gold

Coats suggested: 1 over a black base

Size: 11 ml

Please note, you will need to purchase a magnet or a magnet pen separately and use it to achieve this effect.

Please note colours may vary slightly due to monitor settings. Swatch courtesy of @tanya_wish

Instructions for use:
1.    Apply black or white nail polish on your nails. Alternatively you can start with step
2.    Apply a layer of magnetic polish.
3.    Hold the rib of the magnet 3-5 mm away from your nail first vertically, then horizontally, for 2-5 seconds each way while the polish is still wet.
4.    Apply a top coat. For a stronger effect you can repeat step 3 while the top coat is still wet.

Swatches by @i_foxynails, @tanya_wish, @burblkaa