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ILNP - Time In A Bottle

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Time In A Bottle is a gorgeously rich aquamarine-leaning Precious Metals nail polish. A little darker than turquoise but not quite teal, Time In A Bottle is one of those unique colors that's difficult to describe but nonetheless stunning!

The vivid blue shade of Time In A Bottle plays beautifully with the super reflective metallic flakes and micro holographic flakes. Seriously, do not pass this one up!

Time In A Bottle is part of a set of 6 new holiday themed Precious Metals polishes that take advantage of our Precious Metals formula for an incredibly ornamental-like finish! Time In A Bottle is part of ILNP Precious Metals class of incredibly vivid metallic finish nail polishes; specifically formulated with various ultra-thin metallic flakes (NO GLITTER) for a blinding sparkle with an undeniably rich finish and super-easy removal!

Size: 12 ml

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