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A-England - Tales From The Tower - The Princes In The Tower

Semi matte with flaming holo lustre revealed with a topcoat.
Velvety blue black inspired by the sultry John Everett Millais painting ‘the Princes in the Tower’.

Following the death of their father, Edward V, the 12-year-old King of England, and his nine-year-old brother Richard, Duke of York, were lodged in the tower under the care of their uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester. However, while in preparation for Edward's forthcoming coronation the boys mysteriously disappeared, leaving their uncle - and likely murderer - to take the throne for himself.

Size: 11 ml

Big 3 free and cruelty free

Please note colours may vary slightly due to monitor settings.

Swatches by @getupft, @ilaeti, @sofitheone, @laublm, @lakodzen