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SuperChic Lacquer - Marvel Star - Neon Liquid Macro Top Coat

Marvel-Star Neon Top Coat nail polish is a fun twist of the original Marvel with added neon luminescence that glows under black light UV lighting!  If you already LOVE Marvel, you'll fall madly in LOVE with Marvel Star, especially during festive seasons or events! Ignite any polish in your collection with this amazing novel top coat!

Marvel Star is an intensifying liquid macro effects crystal clear, neon glow nail varnish that offers the most sought for benefits available on the market today.  Beating all other top coats "hands down", Marvel Star offers an incredible ultra gloss finish, without yellowing or shrinkage, dries in literally seconds, is chip resistant and stays glossy for weeks!  

Experience Marvel Star's sonic-quick dry time that seals in perfection for "on the go" wet mani, sets nail art perfectly for flawless designing, and boasts an amazing gloss!   For best results, apply directly to wet nail polish.  

(Does NOT glow in the dark without use of a black light or UV lighting). 

4-free, vegan & cruelty Free 

Size: 15ml