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Creative Shop Space Collection stamper and scraper - Dark Side - Black/Green

New generation of Creative Shop stamper featuring unique sparkling stamper head and ergonomic holder.

- New shape of stamping head

- Softer stamping head

- Bigger diameter of working surface (42 mm)

- More convenient stamper holder design

- 8 unique sparkling colours

  Quantity: 1 set of stamper head, stamper holder and scraper.

How to use your Creative Shop Stamper

  1. To scrape the polish use the short side of the scraper
  2. Pick up the image by gently rolling the stamper over the plate
  3. Be careful with your stamper, please do not punch the stamper head on the edge of your nail as it can damage the silicon
  4. Store your stamper head in a safe place away from firm and sharp objects
  5. If the stamper head does not pick up the design (after some time of use) put it in a plastic bag for 1 day or prime with magic eraser (white sponge from supermarket)
  6. Clean your stamper head ONLY with sticky tape or lint roller 
  7. Clean your scraper with nail polish remover (NOT 100% acetone)

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