New in: Femme Fatale Anniversary Trio, 2016 Blogger Collaborations, September and October COTMs, A-England "Tennyson's Romance" collection,
Starrily new releases + restock, Cupcake Polish "Fall Fancies" collection, Masura and F.U.N Lacquer restock

Launch and restock news - 22 December

New arrivals and restocks on Tuesday 22 December at 8 pm (20:00) CET:
  • Cadillacquer: NEW Petrichor Collection, 2 NEW Store Exclsuives - Awakening and Frozen Heart, + restock (including a very limited restock of Honeybells (Store Exclusive)).
  • Glam Polish Zodiac Collection - NEW: Capricorn
  • Dance Legend: NEW: Anna Gorelova Winter 2015/16 Collection, Gel Polish line, + restock
  • Bow Polish restock